Is your water bill higher than expected?

If you have a water meter, and you’ve received a bill which is higher than normal, don’t panic – there is likely to be a simple explanation.  

There are lots of reasons why your water usage suddenly increases. For example:

  • Are more people living in your home since your previous bill?
  • Have you bought a new appliance that uses water?
  • Have you recently returned to your home after living away?
  • Have your previous bills have been estimated? (this may also give the impression that your bill has increased because the estimated bill may have been too low)

One of the easiest ways to keep track of your water usage is to log in to My Account and provide frequent meter readings – please click here to register with My Account.  This way you can help to avoid estimated bills and also spot if your usage suddenly increases.

Still not figured out what could have caused your bill to increase? Then please follow our guide below to help identify the reason.

Please click 'yes' if any of the questions in each topic throughout the guide below applies to you.

Moving Home
  • Have you recently moved into a new home with a water meter? 
Yes                            No